Graphic Design Services Halifax

Graphic Design Services Halifax | Design of print materials for any medium. In addition to print design, we specialize in responsive web design. Regardless of your project is print or digital your concept will be developed to fully implementable designs. Similarly, we can create a concept for you. We have over 10 years of graphic design experience.

Print Design Services Halifax

Graphic design services include any item your company prints. For instance, some print design items include:

  • Trade show display graphics including pop-up banners.
  • Brochures, flyers, rack cards.
  • Training manuals.
  • Booklets, pocket guides, and pamphlets.
  • Product labels.
  • Posters and postcards.
  • Restaurant menus.
  • Signage of any kind including auto signage decals.
  • Print advertising of any kind such as billboards, newspaper. 
  • Custom-forms for commercial print.
  • Business Cards 
  • Prescription Pads

Web Design Services Halifax 

Responsive Web Design

responsive web design halifax

Responsive Web Design

WordPress site builds are our specialty and our recommendation to all our clients.  Above all, we will develop your website using the best framework! Most importantly, your website will be structured for SEO.  In addition, it will be developed to work seamlessly on mobile and desktop.

For instance, our preferred framework is the only truly responsive design management system for WordPress! This means it will look beautiful on all devices, such as:

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Phone.

Therefore, it is the perfect foundation for any type of website. In conclusion, here are some of the key features and benefits you will receive based on the recommendations we will make: 

  • Golden Ratio Typography and gorgeous content presentation styles.
  • Extreme speed thanks to ruthless performance optimization.
  • Responsive design.
  • Flexible design customization options.
  • Customizable Landing Page template.
  • Structured HTML data for stellar SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Backup, restore import and export design functionality.

Call today for more information on the only responsive design management system for WordPress! We are dedicated to 100% client satisfaction!  Call: 902-220-1081 or send us a secure message via the online request on our contact page

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Our Goal

Our goal is to over deliver when managing client needs, deadlines, budgets and the design process. What will you get with Agenda Design? We will: 

  1. Provide a print, digital design or web design that is approved to your 100% satisfaction.
  2. Coordinate your print job with the commercial print shop of your choice. Or we can make recommendations.  We have several we love to work with!
  3. Deliver on time and on budget.
  4. Manage your graphic design or website design build offsite weekly, monthly, or annually.
  5. Make recommendations on web hosting, platforms, frameworks and themes (skins) for your website build.  We will build a strong foundation that is realistic and sustainable with out you having to hire an agency ($$$$$$$$$)!  
  6. Manage ongoing website updates if required. 

We do what we do best, delivering for our clients and their projects. ​Your design is our Agenda.